an Independent Production by members of the University of Tennessee community
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We're working hard, bringing together great speakers and amazing stories, to make TEDxUTK 2016 our most entertaining and inspiring event yet. exp(865) "Experience Knoxville" is a new non-profit organization we've created to get students, university officials, area businesses and local community members all working together, creating an event and crafting an experience unlike anything else here in East Tennessee.

We need your help to keep the ball rolling and make 2016 our best year yet! If you love TEDxUTK, we invite you to share our GoFundMe campaign with your friends and donate a few dollars to help make it all happen.
About Our Independent, Community Organized Events
TEDxUTK is a program of independently organized TED-format conference events desinged to inform and inspire new conversations about our shared future. At TEDxUTK, passionate speakers share their insights, opinions and narratives to invite people everywhere to seek a deeper understanding, consider new possibilities, reimagine existing concepts and act in meaningful ways to improve their lives and the world around them. TEDxUTK is organized by our community non-profit organization exp(865).
Ideas Worth Spreading
At the University of Tennesse and at TEDxUTK, it's ideas that matter most. Like TED, we believe "Ideas Worth Spreading" can change attitudes, connect cultures, improve understanding and inspire advancement throughout the world. TEDxUTK hopes to serve as a platform for meaningful discovery and discussion of ideas that create a positive impact for our community and larger societies.