What is TED?
TED is a global program of conferences, organized by the nonprofit Sapling Foundation, centered on the concept of "Ideas Worth Spreading". TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our world. The TED conference format showcases important ideas from these and many other disciplines. At a TED format event, attendees and speakers from vastly different fields can connect and draw inspiration from an unlikely convergence of ideas. This convergence and the conversations it ignites can inspire action and change lives. This is the magic of TED.
What is TEDx?
The TED conference organization created the TEDx program to further the impact of "Ideas Worth Spreading". TED grants free licenses enabling independent, local organizers to host TED-like events in their own communities. At independent TEDx events, a vibrant mixture of people, ideas and experiences converge to spark connection and deep conversation. While the TED conference organization provides a general format, individual TEDx events, such as TEDxUTK, are self-organized by local communities. As such, the views and ideas expressed at TEDx events are those of the community, not necessarily of TED.