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NOTE: No upcoming TEDxUTK events
are currently scheduled.
Have a question about TEDxUTK? You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. Our email and contact form are currently disabled, sorry for the inconvenience.

If want to apply as a student speaker, use our student speaker application. If want to nominate someone, use our nomination form.

If you're working on a news story about our event, please remember that TEDxUTK is not an official TED event, but is, instead, an openly licensed, independently organized event which uses a TED-like format.

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The correct way to write our name is "TEDxUTK". Notice the "x" is lowercase and the event name is written as one word. As we are an independent event, organized by our local community, it would be incorrect to write "TED is coming to UT" or "TED is coming to East Tennessee".
Contact form currently disabledDue to organizational changes,
our contact form is currently disabled.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns,
please contact Christian Herald by email: