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Nicole Eisenberg
Breaking down barriers in health care: the need for more women in surgical specialties
Valorie Vojdik
Are social institutions gendered?
Haseeb Qureshi
The Upsides to Everyday Courage
Riley Toll
Gaining the upper hand - with only one
Patrick Angelaccio
How Gen Z is Reshaping the Future
Sharon Couch
The First One Through: an Olympian's perspective on pursuing the dream and leaving a legacy
Gary Jackson
The Analytics of Hate
Angelique Adams
Inspiring Innovation: Developing People, Not Just Products
Tim Ezzell
The Future of Appalachia: A Scenario
Will Lifferth
Teaching Artificial Intelligence to be Moral
Suzy Prentiss
Once Upon a Time: The Power of Story
James Rose
Printing a New Architecture
James Choo
My Journey to Understand Pain, Opioids, and Trauma in my Community
Mehak Vohra
The Freelancer Commandments
James Williams
Check Your Life
Brad Morgan
Finding Your Purpose By Talking With People on Planes
Victoria Ramirez-Miller
Manifest Millennial: Neuroeconomics & Society
Jim Roberto
The Story of Tennessine: Discovery of a New Chemical Element
Julie Beckman
It was a Tuesday, not a cloud in the sky
Sofia Tomov
Make the Pill Fit the Ill
Adam Cureton
What Hiding My Disability Taught Me About Care and Respect
Larsen Jay
The Healing Power of Flowers
Colleen Cruze Bhatti & Earl Cruze
Words of wisdom from Knoxville's dairyman
Dr. Eric Wade
Technology for Motor-Neurorehabilitation
Baker Donahue
A Millenial's Approach to Creative Disruption
Dr. Annette Mendola
Medicine and the Meaning of Life
Dr. Leigh Willis
Using different points of view to tell a powerful story
Elias Attea
Growing together
Rachel Milford & Shelagh Leutwiler
Play in public spaces
David Harman
Hipster Entrepreneurs and the Maker Movement
Adriana Zoder
Dracula and Multilingualism
David Garcia
Mexican Baseball: How Immigrants Lose Their History
Rebecca Klenk
Survival, Consumption, and the Good Life
Erin Darby & Robert Darby
The Archaeology of Global Challenges: The Cohors II Galatarum
Becca Harman
Soul Science, Soil Science
John Ferguson
Theatre and Education: The Lost Art of Doing
David Denton
Compulsive Creativity and Parkinson's Disease
Miranda Gottlieb
Consumer protection and ... drugs?
Joshua Bienko
On the Uselessness of Art
Andrew Messing & Alex Roschli
The 3D Printing Game Changer
Jack Viorel
Special Needs Surfing, "Taking the Lid Off"
Drew Paul
Why Borders Still Matter: The Middle East and Beyond
Lonnie Love
Manufacturing a New Silicon Valley
Sarah Shebaro
Community Engagement Through the Multiple
Baldwin Lee
Looking is Harder Than it Looks
Suzie Allard
The ABC2s of Science Data: Access, Big data, Culture & Communication
Barry Bruce
Growing Electricity: Plugging into Plants
Lytton Musselman
Sherlock, Symbols, Sacralization: Tree Semiotics
Lawrence Scarpa
Ordinary and Extraordinary
Neal Eash
Crafting a Soil Conservation Legacy
Greg Kaplan
Bilingualism: The Genesis of a New Language
Marilyn Brown
Technologies and Policies for a Sustainable Energy Future
H. Lee Martin
Techonomics: The Dawning of the Virtual Age
Avigail Sachs
A Campus for the 21st Century?
Alex Parris
Combatting Apathy
Stan Brock
Healthcare Reform
David Grueser
Chris Cherry
Stephen Levy
Electrical Energy
Tyler Rowe
Nuclear Reactors
Becky Ashe
Creative Education
Alex Lavidge
Orange = Green
Gawan Fiore & Yoni Kalin
Heather Matthews
The Oys of Jewish Representation
Carinne Cheney
Growing in knowledge while serving with passion
Taylor Dempsey
What is bad service?