Lonnie Love Manufacturing a New Silicon Valley
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Filmed on 21 February 2015 as part of TEDxUTK 2015 Ideas Worth Spreading at the UTK John Hodges Library in Knoxville, TN.

Lonnie Love is excited for the future of manufacturing. Highlighting research projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lonnie explains how advances in 3D printing and additive manufacturing can fuel a new industrial revolution. With new material processes and design philosophies, additive manufacturing can level the global playing field, reshape the economics of production, reduce energy footprints, create a fast-track for business innovation and provide customization for consumer products. With new employment opportunities and the growing involvement of academic, governmental and commercial industry partners, this technology is on track to create a revolution in manufacturing and design.
Lonnie Love
Lonnie Love, Ph.D., is the group leader of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Manufacturing Systems Research Group. With over 20 years of experience in the design and control of complex robotic and hydraulic systems, his primary expertise is design, robotics, hydraulics, additive manufacturing and nanomaterials. He is the project lead for the Big Area Additive Manufacturing program that is focusing on large scale, high speed polymer and metal additive manufacturing. Recent research efforts have focused on developing new lightweight low-cost hydraulic systems through additive manufacturing. Named ORNL's 2009 Inventor of the year, Lonnie has over 30 invention disclosures and patents and 75 peer reviewed publications. He serves on the scientific advisory board for the NSF's Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power and serves on the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for OrthoCare.