James Rose Printing a New Architecture
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Filmed on 13 April 2019 as part of TEDxUTK 2019 On Another Wavelength at the Art and Architecture McCarty Auditorium in Knoxville, TN.

James Rose details the emergence and wider context of new materials and design and construction processes that can redefine what's possible in architecture. James shares insights from pioneering work which highlights the expanding boundaries of additive manufacturing both as a tool for industrial design and large scale architectural projects. Key among his focuses is reducing the embodied energy of and closing the lifecycle loop for new materials and construction.
James Rose
James is a licensed architect, educator and industrial designer with a keen interest in the intersection of material and process. He has co-authored papers on emerging technologies with colleagues at ORNL and leads design-build studios in the College of Architecture and Design. He has recently been working with Phil Enquist, Governor's Chair for Energy and Urbanism, on a series of design studios combining the expertise of UT, SOM, and ORNL on regional projects with global importance including AMIE, the world’s first 3D printed polymer building. James is the recipient of numerous awards for his built work, research, and teaching, including a DesignIntelligence Most Admired Educator for 2016.