Haseeb Qureshi The Upsides to Everyday Courage
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Filmed on 26 March 2023 as part of TEDxUTK 2023 A New Stage at the UTK John Hodges Library in Knoxville, TN.

Our action at any moment has crazy ripple effects in our lives, almost like a butterfly effect. But the big moments in life do not define our happiness and joy—the small moments do—and having the courage to confront them is crucial. Haseeb Qureshi highlights how finding the courage and confidence to conquer life's small obstacles can bring us to long-term happiness and create a positive impact in our lives, relationships, and future endeavors.
Haseeb Qureshi
Haseeb Qureshi (HQ) is a self-taught coder, past startup founder (Audiohand Inc), licensed attorney (CEO Forthlaw PLLC), board member of an internationally acclaimed music festival (Big Ears Festival) and full-time lecturer teaching entrepreneurship (University of Tennessee). HQ had a short stint in Los Angeles as a studio manager (The Mastering Lab), sold hand-drawn skateboards, websites (Avenue Factory), and worked with the City of Knoxville to produce PPP and SBA webinars during the pandemic (What's the CARES Act). HQ was named as a Legal Pioneer by the Tennessee Bar Association in 2018. HQ holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon and a J.D. from University of Tennessee College of Law.