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TEDxUTK Salon November 2020
Serving With Intention, Not For Attention - Virtual Zoom Conference
Salon events are small gatherings that keep a TEDx community engaged. Lead event organizer: Cat Trieu
Due to COVID-19 conditions during 2020, we did not host our Serving With Intention, Not For Attention event in-person. However, we were excited to offer the same immersive and engaging experience via Zoom for our crossover TEDxUTK salon event! As the Tennessee Volunteers, we wanted to explore the meaning and purpose of service and giving back to our communities. Through our intimate, discussion-oriented salon event, we wanted to reflect on the underlying reasons why people volunteer and explore the possible disconnect between serving with genuine intentions and serving for personal gain and attention. As an interactive event, we invited guests to voice their thoughts on these topics and cultivate connections with fellow community members. Virtual event, 6-7:30PM, check-in opened at 5:45PM 09 November 2020
Watch the TEDx Talks from TEDxUTK Salon November 2020
Carinne Cheney
Growing in knowledge while serving with passion
Taylor Dempsey
What is bad service?