Will Lifferth Teaching Artificial Intelligence to be Moral
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Filmed on 13 April 2019 as part of TEDxUTK 2019 On Another Wavelength at the Art and Architecture McCarty Auditorium in Knoxville, TN.

Is the AI we create doing what we expect? Do we even know what we want? As a software engineer, Will Lifferth has found that current artificial intelligence technologies, like a mythical genie, tend to show us the pitfalls in our understanding rather than deliver perfect results every time. Algorithms and AI are already a part of everyday life for millions, but the technologies and methodologies to understand and describe what people expect and to create machine learning systems that meet those expectations remains an area of concern. In this talk, Will explains how the challenge of understanding diverse concepts of morality affects society's ability to successfully create and harness complex AI systems.
Will Lifferth
Will Lifferth is a Senior studying Computer Science and Machine Learning. He is also the president of the UTK Machine Learning Club, and a Hackathon Coach with Major League Hacking. In the past Will has worked on Google Search, Amazon Alexa, and as a web consultant.